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What are SmartApps?


SmartApps are powerful apps we build from our proprietary app builder we dubbed "Rapid Mobile App Development". We call it that because clients are able to take advantage of the already 20+ functions that we have built and pump out apps in weeks as opposed to months! With our easy to use Central Management System (CMS), clients can even take the reigns of their own app by uploading content, sending push notifications, creating ad banners, making design changes and more! Or we can simply do it all for you.

It's really simple. We consider it our out of the box product because there are some limitations with this approach as opposed to developing an app from the ground up, but in most cases the advantages far outweigh any limitations.



Our clients are able to take full advantage of the robust functionality that already exists and is built on a platform using proven technology. Because the architecture of the platform is already built it enables you to develop your app(s), have them ready and published in the Apple and/or Google Play stores, while keeping the cost and time to develop way down!

Also there are a couple more major advantages for developing a SmartApp...

Expansive app function set - Say you like the 20+ functions that your SmartApp offers but want to add one or two functions on top of that... you can! Our team will work with you to design the features you need to make your app exactly how you need it to function.