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"We were blown away. The experience we had was honest and engaging. It was everything for us in turning our vision into a reality."

Matthew Taylor CEO | FiV App

High FiV!

“We would definitely recommend Converge's services"


When we first met Matt, we were immediately drawn towards his passion for his idea. That is what we look for from our clients because after all, we look at clients as partners. We are Entrepreneurs ourselves so it is important for us to believe in the concept as much as the owner does and FiV is one of those projects.

We aren't in the business of selling our services. We are in the business of making dreams come to life.


Matt and his partners had a dream and had been down the wrong path with a previous development company so he was looking for a company he could really believe in.

We are happy to say he found that. 


The project began with a 6 hour immersive discovery session to capture the vision Matt had for the FiV concept, Our #1 question before taking on a custom app project in the conceptual phase is always "would I personally download and use this app?" It's an important question because to create the best project, we want to design apps that we would love to use. 


As we dove into the concept, we began to fall in love with the idea more and more. FiV is one of those apps you say "I wish this app was in the market RIGHT NOW!" To protect Matt's concept, we won't go into detail about what the app is but we can strongly say that it is a winner!


Following the Discovery, we moved straight to the design phase and took 72 hours to map out the app's functionality and flow. We met back up with Matt and he was blown away, as we had taken his idea and simplified it while adding revenue generating features to take the app to the next level.


Once we had the functionality and flow we wanted, we moved onto the User Interface, color pallette and User Experience aspect to develop a working prototype. This process was a week long intensive process with the goal that Matt would have the full design in his hands to share with potential investors and bring his idea to life. 


After a week in the prototyping phase, we had achieved a product that Matt was proud to share with Investors. Days later he was in an investment meeting, shared his prototype with the Investor and is moving forward in talks with that Investor to now fully develop the project.


Matthew Taylor has been a pleasure to work with and we are now partnering with him and his Investor to bring this brilliant idea to life.


High FiV!